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Thread: SG Optimizer and Cablenut

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    SG Optimizer and Cablenut

    SG Optimizer and Cablenut

    Yes you can use both together if you know what you are doing.

    1.) First if you are going to install Optimizer go to bottom of Cablenuts adjuster and click on delete Cablenut Tweaks, save to registry and REBOOT, Install SG Optimizer and run.
    2.) SG Optimizer will enter values in adjuster, if you would rather enter values in adjuster besides the ones SG enters, instead of going into registry, go ahead, but click on save to registry at bottom and REBOOT.
    3.) I recommend you start over, make new ccs files if you install Optimizer, Remember click on clear all boxes prior to installing SG Optimizer, then after you install Optimizer, add what you want, save to registry at bottom and REBOOT for changes to take affect.
    This can really slow you down if not done right, if you have any questions feel free to ask!!

    4.) You can now use adjuster to change settings if you wish.

    Make your own ccs file below:

    TO SAVE SETTING'S: Once you find fast numbers for you, you want to save it, on file at top of adjuster click on that, save custom settings, put RWIN size in as name or SG and click on save, now if you ever want these settings back, click on file, open custom settings file, and click on RWIN number, then click on save to registry at bottom, and REBOOT, your done. If you change any of these setting's just click on file, save custom settings file, same name, it just overwrites with new settings.

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