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Thread: New FREE remote administration tool

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    New FREE remote administration tool

    You can do tons of stuff from it

    -MDI Control GUI
    -System message dialogs
    -2-Way file transfer: Stealth mode and active mode
    -Remote file browsing
    -Special Commands: Open/close CD-Tray, Kill/Reboot/Log Off PC/Send Keys
    -Capture screen: Active window and total screen (transfers in stealth mode)
    -Remote shell execute: Launch any program on the remote PC
    -Sound control: Play any music or video file remotely or make the system speaker beep
    -2-way Chat
    -Lethal Commands: Destroy Dir or File (A lot more to come)
    -Mouse control: Remotely control the mouse
    -Key Logging: Active key logging and server key logging
    -Remote file downloader
    -SPEECH CONTROL: Make the remote PC say anything you want! (remote PC must have MS Agent installed)
    -Desktop Control: Control the remote computers desktop as if it was your own!
    -Client log
    -And more....

    -The server can run in stealth mode or or active mode
    -Error handling prevents the server from ever shutting down. At worst, server will restart
    -Server Log
    -User database
    -Blowfish Encryption
    i'm going to become rich and famous after i invent a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet

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