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Thread: battle net +router/napt

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    battle net +router/napt

    Hey there,

    Im having trouble running Starcraft (Broodwars) on battlenet.

    I can host games just fine... but whn i join games.. in the pre game screen if i type a msg only the host can see it, and i can only c msg that the host types. If people whisper me I still get those msgs.

    Another problem that im having with joining games is that whneva i enter a game... i totally start to lag.. and then time out.

    I am using a Nokia M1122 router with the following ports open (pinholed) on it for bnet:
    port 4000 UDP
    port 4000 TCP
    ports 6112-6119 UDP
    ports 6112-6119 TCP

    Also battle net is now spose to be napt friendly... so i dont knw what is happing here.

    If anyone has any idea how to fix this problem it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Should be this I believe:

    IN*** TCP**** 4000
    IN*** TCP**** 6112
    IN*** UDP*** 6112
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