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Thread: PIII mobo

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    PIII mobo

    i have a PIII 733/256/133/1.7v fc pga socket 370 proccesor
    that i want to put together but have no idea's as to what
    chipset to use or mobo.
    if i had a few ideas i think i could look at the features
    of the boards and pick what i want. any input would be great. thanks

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    An ASUS CUSL2-C or a TUSL2-C.....

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    Yep TUSL2-C is the awnser , as the CUSL2-C is not on production any more ..

    Just move to it fast , so to get a good price in memory ...

    It looks that the dance in the prices of Ram modules, it will not stop .

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    I agree with the above....great series that Asus put out. Stable, and fast. Still have mine running a PIII 1.0.

    Like the fame the bx chipset powered Abit BH-6 gained in the PII/Celery days, I believe the Asus CUSL/TUSL series has earned the same for the PIII days.
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