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Thread: What would you do to improve SG?

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    Allow users to hide post they are not interested in and highlight post that have had replys since the last time they have seen them

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    how about changing our status? like were it says senior member or junior member and what not. or is that just not an option or in the code?

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    Originally posted by FunK
    We should be allowed to post Flash objects (limited in size of course).

    It would be nice to add a little flash to a post. Enable those .swf extensions already. I know it's an option.

    That would be cool.

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    I like this site alot. I have been learning so much here. It's a wealth of information.

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    Re: What would you do to improve SG?

    Originally posted by funky
    Granted, this should be in the feedback forum, but hey, not a lot of people go there. So I hope the mods won't mind this. Also, could you please sticky this so that all the members here can express their ideas as well as mention this thread in the tech forums so that they will have their say too?

    Well, for me, a different layout would be a shot in the arm for SG, more graphics but still easy for 56kers. Also, SG needs to update more, and I am already working on something. As well, SG could benifit from expanding the topics from networking and tweaking to computers as a whole while still covering tweaking as their main topic?
    I would create and post for all to read an FAQ that specifically details precisely what the web site was about. If I was concerned about members posting inappropriate material(s) then I would specifically elaborate on what I deemed inappropriate and would prohibit all expressions of individuality including smiley faces, signatures and avatars accordingly as this has demonstrated itself to cause the members to not to stick to the main goal of the site (technical assistance).

    Once the members understood that it was a no-no to express anything outside of the parameters that I had spelled out (by clicking I Agree when they became members) then I would enforce my rules in the FAQ consistently by appointing emotionally mature moderators. Additionally, I would not pick & choose arbitrarily which threads I considered inappropriate and consequently delete. Every single thread that anyone posted that did not specifically detail a question regarding technical assistance I would provide an initial warning to the owner, and then ban permanently if the member repeated his infraction.

    While these parameters may seem draconian, it does keep in tight, lockstep with the goals of the web site, which is to supply technical assistance to anyone who asks while simultaneously keeping inappropriate, offensive behaviors exhibited by members in check.

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    *edited by downhill*

    silver..lets keep it civil.

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    Have an option in the profile section that allows you to view your SIG. Otherwise, you need to go through and find a post that you made. It would make it a lot easier to modify and fix when the times come.

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    More color scheme choices for the forums!

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    Originally posted by Burke
    More color scheme choices for the forums!


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