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    azza mobo

    has anyone heard of azza mobo?? i have one and it works real good but the information manual is not to informative. i need to know what speed cpu it could handle. it doesnt say except it can support duron atholon but no speed specs. the book doesnt say how fast the multiplier is so that is no help. the website offers no cs. the board is a azza kt3-av with via kt133 apollo chpset. please help

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    Accepts any Socket A AMD Duron or Athlon from 600Mhz-1.53Ghz;
    Accepts up to 4 SDRAM DIMMs for up to 1.5Gb of Memory;
    Via KT133A + 686B Chipset and Award BIOS;
    Support for 4 Ultra-DMA 33/66/100 EIDE Hard Drives and 2 Floppy Drives;
    2 Built-in Serial Ports (16550) and 1 EPP/ECP Parallel Port;
    1 ISA, 5 PCI Slots, 1 AMR and 1 4xAGP Slot;
    4 Built-in USB Ports;
    Accepts standard PS/2 Mice and Keyboards;
    Fits Standard ATX Cases;
    1 Year Warranty;

    Pretty lame the manufacture web site has 0 information on this board.


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