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Thread: ping spikes!!! help me plz!!!

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    Unhappy ping spikes!!! help me plz!!!

    i use adelphia powerlink and during the last 2 months my pings hav been overwhelmingly crappy at times. im playing cs and my ping is 50 then all of the sudden it skyrockets to 200+ and then goes down and keeps on doing that the whole time. when im surfing the web all of the sudden pages start to load slower than a 56k, then after a min or 2 it goes back to normal. i dont hav a firewall on when doing either, its not that. things were not like this before what can i do i tried the twaeks on this site with little success. what do i do?? is it time to get a different cable isp?? ifso what r some good and reliable cable isp's in the los angeles areas??? plz help me my ping spikes in CS are causing me to become a crappy player waaaaaaaaaa!

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    The current cable industry is a monopoly. Adelphia or bust.

    Are pings your #1 consern? How much are you willing to spend?

    If pings are your bread and butter, I recommend Speakeasy since you're sitting right on top of their Covad fastpath based Los Angeles POP. If you do go Speakeasy, if you can't get on the LAX POP, forget about it.

    Hopefully, you DO have a firewall, correct?


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