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Thread: Linksys Firmware Upgrade

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    Linksys Firmware Upgrade

    I've upgraded my Linksys BFSR41 4 port Router to the latest Firmware..but now it's behaving in ways i dont like.For example when i change a setting..and then Apply>Continue..the old value is still matter how many times I try to change it...also my password for my PPPoE account has 8 characters...yet there are always 12 characters in the PW field.These and afew other slightly annoying things are happening.
    Cintacting Linksys byt phone is impossible..I'm asked to wait..a long wait..which i cant afford...nor do they return my calls.
    I recieved one email that didnt help..telling my to hold the reset button in for 30 seconds...after which the default values ...before the firmware upgrade..would magically appear.They didnt*s* it safe to Flash my hub/router with an older firmware?

    Thanks very much


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    I wouldn't flash it with old firmware. I have read that doing so can permentaly render a device inoperable.
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    I haven't had any problems yet with the new firmware, have flashed about a dozen clients with it so far.

    Out of about 75 routers of various brands, 3/4 of them Linksys, I've only had two router hiccup on a firmware upgrade for me. One of which was a Linksys...which I had to hard reset a couple of times, then it finally took a firmware upgrade. They are safe to repeatedly reflash. If it's acting odd, just flash it again. It is best to perform the hard reset before flashing the firmware though.....I've flashed them before with settings intact, and they usually stick fine with the upgrade, but officially, you're supposed to reset to defaults first, flash, then enter your settings again. I've also heard of many on router forums flash backwards without any problems. I've done that once, didn't have a problem. Just stick with firmware above 1.38, they really got there act together with that version, and all since then have worked great for me, finally.
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