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Thread: SG TCP/IP analyzer doesn't work for me

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    SG TCP/IP analyzer doesn't work for me

    When trying the analyzer as suggested above i get the message website found, waiting for reply....

    After a while the browser tells me The Page Cannot be displayed.

    yesterday it worked fine for me...

    Can someone enlighten me?

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    What OS are you using? Are you a ATTBI user?
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    same problem here. was working fine last time I checked but all day I have been trying to use it and NOTHING at all
    cannot find page is what I keep getting

    I run winblows 2K and am using IE 6 it isn't a time out lol I am on cable

    has something been changed on it?

    speedguide seems to be runnin slow for me today too

    I tried to use the hyperlink earlier in a post and it would not do it automatically I had to put the code in manually

    I pinged speedguide here are the results seems a little slow to me average ping was147 ms tried ping /n 10 to speedguide and I had 4 of 10 timeout and the rest averaged out to 73 ms with the high of 370 ms and the low was 60 ms not too good
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    Aint workin here

    its timing out

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    Fixed, thanks


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