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Thread: CSS margin and padding in Netscape

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    CSS margin and padding in Netscape

    How do I get them to work, I need it for layout purposes and since it doesn't work, my layout doesn't align with the background in Netscape. padding and margin doesn't seem to have an effect in Netscape.
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    Try this:

    <style type="text/css">

    p.paragraphtwo { margin: Sem; }
    H2 { margin: 1em }
    p.copy {
    margine-top: Sem;
    margin-bottom: percentage; \\percentage being 10; or whatever
    margin-left: percentage;
    margin-right: percentage; }

    <p class="copy">bla bla bla....</p>

    <p class="paragraphtwo">Bla bla bla....</p>

    Instead of percentage you can use length (300px or auto.
    eg. margin-left: 10%; or 8em;

    But Netscape displays code differently than ie. try to use netscape4 and up.

    Padding: the space between the border and the content of the element.
    Margin: Separate one element from other elements.


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