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Thread: Slow speeds?? found out why

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    Slow speeds?? found out why

    ok check this out, me and some other people could not figure out why my kbs would not reach over 700. I am paying for a 1500 plan too so I went to earthlinks live chat while on hold ( 76 minute hold I was told ) and the guy says this:

    BillF: You are on a 768/128 line
    BillF: That's all the provider in your area provides. um ok is there a plan for that line speed?

    BillF: The same plan. Ok so my friend who lives 4 blocks away gets speeds around 1200kbs through AOL but I can only get this through EL and we use the same phone company

    BillF: I'm sorry, that is what is available in that area, and he may not be on the same connecting office you are, and that is how it is determined.

    this totally sucks

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    Last mille

    ISP and all provider have a rule ...about the last mille...

    Am i wrong??????

    Depends how good u get you conn. in last mile.....via radio..microwaves....coaxial...etc.......

    as good as is your last miile as fadt as you get


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