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Thread: Speed drops off after approx. 1 minute?

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    Speed drops off after approx. 1 minute?

    I'm with shaw cable and am getting good d/l speeds of up to 250k a second. But when d/ling a large file 10mb or so the speed seems to start choking after around 3-4mb d/led and goes down to around 30-50k, stalls, and then continues at this speed till finished. It also does this when reading in headers from news groups. Any help would be appreciated.

    My system specs:
    Linksys 4-port router with latest firmware
    Athlon 1g 512mb Ram
    3com 3C905b NIC
    I have also tried many of the tweaks found on this board and they seem to speed things up but it still chokes after aroung 1 min, and then my Internet connection really slows down. TIA!

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    What's your current MTU and RWIN setting? Sometimes when these are not scaled correctly, it'll result in transmission errors that will cause what you're describing. If you have a MTU of 1500, then your RWIN should be a multiple of it, like 64240 * 1 = 64240, or 64240 * 2 = 128480, and so forth.

    If not, then it could be a temporary congestion problem in the path between your connection, and the site you're downloading that file from. This is more common, and there is little you can do to remediate other than trying different DNS servers.
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    You will notice that depending on the server you are downloading from your speed will vary during the dl in one of two ways. 1. it will start out fast and slowly decrease until it stabilizes at a certain rate. 2. it will start out slow and then build and build until it reaches a max rate. I have noticed this from ftp servers,, and other sites where you dl lots of files, updates, drivers, ect ect. I have never seen it to your extent but i have seen my speeds start as high as 270k and drop to 140-150k before. I would try what mosdef112 said with those settings as they may be exaggerating what i am talking about. I get that fluctuation and i have my rwin, mtu, ect settings all optimized.


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