I wonder if you guys could check my logic on thinging on this problem. I am suppost to do the following:

Say I have the following text file.

Pigs and Cows
Are Fat. Porsche is
a nice car. blahblah, you get the point.

1. Create a vector name of 26 binary trees for the letters of the alphabet.

Like such, vector<char> name(26); //isnt that how you declare a set size?

name[0] will take all the words beginning with A
name[1] will take B
name[2] will take C, etc, etc....

So if we read in Dogs it will see the D and insert it into the tree which name[3] points to. This making sense so far? So read in the word, get the first letter, check the appropriate tree, if its not found, insert it. Once your done, display all the words in alphabetic order.

Now, I get the searching and insertion ideas. But how do you make it specific for the particular cell in the vector? Like pass that it is suppost to do this searching in name[2] or name[3]? Any suggestions? Thanks fellas.