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Thread: IE always freezes when..

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    IE always freezes when..


    Internet Explorer keeps freezing up whenever I visit a page that uses htaccess (authentication). I click a link, and then it just turns my pointer into the hour glass, and freezes IE, have to go into task manager and shut it down..

    I tried upgrading to IE 5.01 SP2, and 5.5, and still the same thing. I looked through all the services, can't find anything odd. I'm running Windows 2000, NO Service Packs.

    Any idea of whats going on? BTW, It work's fine in Opera 6.0, so I'm pretty positive its something with IE..

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    Have you tried reinstalling the version of Ie you are useing or just repairing it. Threw its internet tools window. This may solve your proublem. If not remove the version you are useing of the explorer. Then reinstall it. Sounds like its missing a file.! GoodLuck
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