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Thread: Hypothetical situation...

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    Better watch it, Canada hangs drunk drivers on the spot without a trial !!! ...LoL

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    Originally posted by Kno One

    downtown detroit lock down? hmmmmmm i thought you were going to canada hypothetically speaking of course
    Who's worried about the "Canny" cops! Do they even give them guns?

    But seriously though, we went and whoa boy, did my girl get chitfaced. It was very embarrassing towards the end. I thought the border sentinal people were gonna cavity search me right there. Luckily, she composed herself long enough to not elicit any unwanted attention.

    Only downside is that I didn't get to go to the casino, because she would have gotten us thrown out on sight. Especially dissapointing since the club pretty much sucked (except for the hot body contest, which kinda sucked - no nudity, but at the same time didn't suck - hey, at least they were female!)

    Not my best trip to Canada, but at least this time I didn't get escorted out of Jokers by one of the bouncers for being "Dangerously Intoxicated".


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