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Thread: Backing Up Registry?

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    Question Backing Up Registry?

    Is it true that you need additional software to adequately backup the registry in WinXP
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    heck no

    one of the FEW great things about windows xp, is that it comes with its own backing up software already included in windows xp.

    how might you find this program u ask?

    1) start ur computer and let it run till it is running in windows xp mode.

    2) stare at your desktop

    3) grab a beer

    4) press F-1

    5) click the advanced search option

    6) now in the search tab type in backup registry

    7) press enter carefully ( dont want to break the enter key)

    8) viola' !!!!!!!!!! step by step instructions on backing ur windows xp registry enjoy

    9) grab another beer if those steps took longer than 5 minutes !!!
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