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Thread: Something MUST be going on in Cali/LA/OC!!

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    Something MUST be going on in Cali/LA/OC!!

    For the past three days I must have seen (and heard!!) close to twenty fighters (or whatever they are) fly over my house!! This is starting to make me nervous!

    Anyone in Cali or anywhere else that that matter, know if there have been any new developments in my area dude to terrorist type of threats ?
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    Nothing going on. Not that they're telling us. They're probably just running excercises. I live across the river from PDX (Portland Int'l) and they have a National Guard outfit there and they have been pretty active the past few days too. I wouldn't worry about it.

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    Costa Mesa here... havent heard of anything

    havent seen anything either
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    i just heard some planes fly by too.. it was pretty loud.

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    i am right under the flight pattern for Los Alamitos.... there are Harriers and such.

    its for a halftime fly-by for some college football game around socal (not a college football fan. dont know who is playing).
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    I don't know about Cali but there's lots going on here. I'm about a block away from the G20 summit. There's cops all over the place. Undercover and riot gear the hole 9 yards.
    Lets just hope it stays reasonably calm out there.

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    The Stockton Airport is used as a Nat. Guard weapons storage area and a few days ago, they had A **** load of helicopters flying in and out of the city. They may have also a few jets flying in formation thursday night.
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    i live about a 6 min drive from PDX .......lots of jets goin..
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