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Thread: Help! unistall 236926USA8.exe

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    Help! unistall 236926USA8.exe


    When I came the first time to this web I had a connection speed of 4.8 KBytes/sec , Thanks to your fabolous TCP/IP Analyzer I got to improve it to 26-29 KBytes/sec, the problem was the RWIN VALUE it was set at 2144, I changed to 256960 and the problem, how I said, was solved. But as the test only recognized a value of 65535 I followed the instrucctions and after backup the VTCP.386 file and searching for the version in spanish for Windows 98 (That I didnīt found) I decided to install 236926USA8.exe the installation was fine except for a file: QFCheck.exe that it couldnīt be updated because happend a version conflict ("it use a different language or page (of somethig I donīt Know in english "códigos" in spanish.....)

    I was surprised because the program updated other files?? not only VTCP.386. Well, when I did the test again only recognized 65535 again, so the updated didnīt worked as I expected.
    Finally I've changed the RWIN value to 64240 a multiple of MSS(1460) and the speed is Ok.

    Now I wonder if I could uninstall 236926USA8.exe manually of course, is it enough with to use the previous VTPC.386? or other changes were made?.

    Other problem I have with the DSL connection is that It is losed by the PC sometimes even when the leds in the 3com Officeconnect are ok, and I have to reboot the router and/or reboot the PC to access the internet again... What could be the problem?.

    How you can see I am a beginner, I had my dsl kit installed on tuesday 13th Nov, and the technical support of my provider doesnīt help very much....

    Thank very much for your help.

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    Do you have a backed up version of your registry?
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    Yes, I have a backup of the registry, and the file of information about the installation but I canīt understand it:

    ; 236926UN.INF
    ; This is the Setup information file to install the 236926 update.

    signature = "$CHICAGO$"
    AdvancedINF = 2.5, %AdvPackWarn%
    LayoutFile = Layout.inf, Layout1.inf, Layout2.inf


    ;10=Windows, 11=System, 18=Help, 24=Root
    W98Upd.undo.Sys = 11
    W98Upd.del.inf = 17,QFE\%UpdateSubKey%



    HKLM,"Software\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\%GUID%"


    GUID = "{90157500-5182-11d3-824e-0000f80697e6}"
    LANG = "EN"
    VERSION = ""
    UpdID = "UPD236926"
    UpdateKey = "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\Updates"
    UpdateSubKey = "Win98.SE"

    ;Localizable strings
    UpdName = "Windows 98 VTCP.386 Update"
    AdvPackWarn = "You need a newer version of advpack.dll."

    Thank you for your help

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    Unhappy Any Suggest?

    Any Suggest?

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