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Thread: Know what ATA?

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    Know what ATA?

    I know how hard drives are ATA 66, 100, Etc, but how do you know what your system is capable of. I have never really explored the hardware scene, so I am a newbie to it.

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    motherboard documentation?

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    Fortune tellers ?
    Fortune cookies ?
    Taro ?
    Some times i ask my mom , moms know everything ..


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    other then kirakos laughing at cha,
    There are two areas where ATA is important,
    Firstly on the Hard Drive it self (ATA is Also known as UDMA)
    where it determines how fast the drive can run.
    Second there is the integrated IDE controller which can operate at certain ATA/UDMA speeds.(33/66/100/133)

    Sometimes the OS of yoru computer will limited you by default to a certain DMA speed, i.e Win2k. But this can be solved by installing Via 4in1s and some other methods.

    To find out what ATA speed your currently running at, try using a program like SiSandra 2001te. This should give you some detailed information about your HD and what it's operating like.
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    My mom told me that DMA or Direct Memory Acces , has nothing to do with the ATA or Asyncronus Tranfer Algorytm .

    Never the less , ATA as function , it does effect the max throwput of the hard drive , and the best helper for the users,its the BIOS it self , that detects and report .

    As everything is backwards compatible , users does not need to do much as settings ..

    Hi Mom


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