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Thread: static IP and DSL

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    static IP and DSL

    I was talking to my ISP today and they were giving the big sales pitch to upgrade my current DSL connection (basic) to "enhansed." The differance was the enhanced has a static IP address and faster downloads/uploads. What exactly is the differance between regular IP and a static?
    He was also saying that my ping times would be better for online gaming but I had tested some ping times with a computer in there store last month and pinged my game server and it was exactly the same speed.
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    There is no performance difference between a dynamic, not regular, IP address, and a static IP address. The benefit of getting a static IP address is that you could host a registered website with your Internet line. Your ping times to any server won't improve unless they upgrade their network, neither will your line speeds. Be careful of what marketing propaganda they're slapping you with. Last thing you want to be stuck with is an Internet line not worth paying for.
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