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Thread: wireless routers

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    wireless routers

    Need help !

    I am in the process of a home network.

    Any opinion about wireless routers?

    which is the best wireless router available in the US market?

    Thank you for the suggestions.


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    I have SMC 7004AWBR with SMC wireless card for 240$ when it was on sale @amazon. It works very well. No problems so far I get the same speed with wireless as the wired desktop about 640k download from DSL modem. It was fairly easy to set up. has reviews on most of the wireless routers . You can read them before u buy

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    i've been running the linksys 4-port cable/dsl wireless router for a month now - very happy with the performance

    my main desktop PC is connected via a d-link dwl-120 usb that gets a great signal, and speeds/pings are the same as when i was hard wired

    i bought a linksys pcmcia card for my laptop - didn't really like i returned it and ordered an Orinoco Silver card that is supposed to be much better


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