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Thread: Brent, whatz the status on Radeon 8500 Mhz?

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    Question Brent, whatz the status on Radeon 8500 Mhz?

    Are the OEM versions still shipping @ 250/250? Is ATi gonna do anything about it? How bout the Q3 driver cheats?
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    OEM's are at 250/250 but ATI is going to rename it the 8500LE or something like that. You can get rid of the Q3 optimizations (which is what I did) for better image quality by doing all these things that I forgot. There are many Internet sources online.

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    oem and LE are two different things (same card different name i guess, i dunno prolly no ram sinks on OEM or somethin) , both are 250/250, retail boxed will be 275/275


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