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Thread: Tom and his AMD/Intel Burn Video Controversy

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    Tom and his AMD/Intel Burn Video Controversy

    I think this was posted a while ago on here, thought i would bring it back up as I just watched the AMDBURN video lately:

    A video has appeared on the Internet countering a huge dose of FUD my former employer inexplicably dumped on his readership a couple of months back. The new video, with AMD credits all over it, is entitled "How an Athlon(tm) MP 1.2GHz Really Copes with Heat Emergencies." The piece demonstrates the AMD Palomino Athlon subjected to brutal circumstances such as heat sink removal while playing Quake III and boot up attempts when a CPU cooler is not attached. In all scenarios, the Palomino comes out unscathed. A similar though much less thorough test came out with unsurprisingly different results at Tom's Hardware. Ouch! Looks like dispensing bad medicine can result in a mouthful of looser teeth. Good job Ben & Joe, perhaps you can also give THG a crash course in analyzing computer technology.

    The video also presents the much more realistic situation when the CPU fan fails. In that case the Palomino continued to play Quake III for several minutes before shutting down. Again the chip was undamaged. AMD Slaps Around Little Tom-Tom?
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    Makes sense, even my mobo supports system shut down if the CPU reaches a certain temp, although not ALL mobos have the option implemented, which sux. Unlike the P4 setup, where the thermal throttling is built into the chipset, and mobo manufacturers don't have to really worry about implementing anything.

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    ok so was tom secretly working in an oven and we didnt know it, is that how the chips reached over 600 F

    i dont see how you can make that happen

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    would someone mind telling me what this video proves? I am not as techie as you guys (obviously), but from what I see, as long as you have the heatsink on, it doesn't matter right?


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    shows that tommy pabst doctored his tests of 'thermal protection' on amd vs. intel chips and that the amd palomino / mp core will stand it just fine..


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