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Thread: Poor Download speeds.....HELP!!!

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    Exclamation Poor Download speeds.....HELP!!!

    HELP !!!

    I have Cox @home service I was running great until about 1 week ago. Since then my downloads have dropped to like 30kb ?
    They start out about 180kb and drop to around 30k in less than 1 minute. About 1 month ago I went to DSL reports and used the tweak test (installed DRTCP). So it was really fast speed tests were about 2500-3000 down and 250 up. The screen said it was over 50x faster than 56k...sadly now, i am at just 4-5x faster than 56k. I have installed som many tweaks in the past few days that i don't know if anything has helped. I installed SG, Cablenuts and DRTCP...all of the pathces I could find. I'm running WIN ME - PII-350MHZ with 384 MB of RAM. Have a Motorola SB3100 cable modem into a Linksys LNE100TX V4 NIC.

    Somebody help....please!

    Here are my results from the what TCP/IP Analyzer
    TCP properties for IP = ()
    Note: Read the FAQ if the above is not your IP address.
    Browser/OS = Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90; MSOCD; AtHome020)

    TCP options string = 020405b40103030201010402

    MTU = 1500
    MTU is fully optimized for broadband.

    MSS = 1460
    Maximum useful data in each packet = 1460, which is equal to MSS.

    Default Receive Window (RWIN) = 256960
    RWIN Scaling (RFC1323) = 2 bits
    Unscaled Receive Window = 64240
    RWIN is a multiple of MSS
    Other values for RWIN that might work well with your current MTU/MSS:
    513920 (MSS x 44 * scale factor of 8)
    128480 (MSS x 44 * scale factor of 2)
    64240 (MSS x 44)

    bandwidth * delay product:
    Your RcvWindow limits you to: 10278.4 kbps (1284.8 KBytes/s) @ 200ms
    Your RcvWindow limits you to: 4111.36 kbps (513.92 KBytes/s) @ 500ms

    MTU Discovery (RFC1191) = ON

    Time to live left = 51 hops
    TTL value is ok.

    Timestamps (RFC1323) = OFF

    Selective Acknowledgements (RFC2018) = ON

    IP type of service field (RFC1349)= 00000000

    148 connections tested since 03.10.2001.
    Analyzer version: Beta 0.99
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