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Thread: IBM 75GXP Failure Lawsuit

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    IBM 75GXP Failure Lawsuit

    This is posted in response to several thread on what are decient harddrives.

    Here's a link to an article from Info World.

    And one more for the complaint.

    Looks like what some here have been trying to say, is starting to carry a lot of merit.
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    This story is very similar with something that had happen in Greece , with one load of QUANTUM FIREBALL 6.4GB , that all of them turn to be bad .

    And there was all of them return to the base of QUANTUM

    The point is why if one production line in the IBM factory malfuctions , all the common people to have so muts dificulties to find theyr right .

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    Quantums had two other drives with massive recalls like that, their Bigfoot and Tsunami drives.....yuck.
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