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Thread: Speaker Problem

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    Question Speaker Problem

    can someone tell me why my new speakers for my computer
    Altec Lansing 340'a with two sattelite and a sub-woofer
    hum all the time even when the sound is all the way down??
    it is real friggin annoying

    r u xprincD

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    Id first make sure everything is plugged in tightly.

    If that dosent work, double click on the yellow speaker ICON on the bottom right of your screen. Then look under "Play control " "PC Speaker" "Wave/Direct Sound"

    And make sure the volume is not up all the way on any of them.

    For me, if they are up all the way 100%, my sound quality is crappy and crackes when semi loud. All I do is lower them 1 notch and everything is fine and I can play music super loud still. I just adjust the sound by turning the nob on my speakers than through there.
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    Listen to CoolJ...see if everything is plugged in tightly and CORRECTLY, don't be a fraid to whip out the manual once more to double check it! Wires in different jacks might still make your speakers work, but at the cost of sound quality...

    Then I'd see if you have all the latest drivers installed for your sound card. Once that is done, snoop around Windows for options and settings for your speakers, see if anything looks odd and select the proper setting.

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    Sounds like power line hum. Make sure your audio cables are separated from from your power cords and not running parallel with them. They should run nowhere near any plug-in transformers.


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