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Thread: Linksys BEFSR41 ICQ and Zyxel 642m series DSLModem Router

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    Linksys BEFSR41 ICQ and Zyxel 642m series DSLModem Router

    My ISP has set up the account as SUA (Single User Account)not NAT(Network Address Translation) And using Zyxel DSL Modem Prestige 642

    I cannot get them to work together.

    There is no way I can access my DSL modem through the telnet feauture. What do I need to set up here?My modem is set to and I've changed the router to But I get no internet access...

    If I do not use a router I need no programs to access my DSL. The modem connects automatically. How do I make the router ask the modem to get the info and if it is done that way how do I get to do the port fowarding if using only one computer connected to the modem will not foward any ports. I figured this is a technique implemented so nobody can run any kind of servers.

    Every light is working. If I change the cables and use it as a swith it works fine, but I wont be able to get any port fowarding nor anything like that.

    I have disabled the DHCP server on the modem, etc etc etc and no luck....

    The other thing is. That using it as a switch I am having problems sending and recieving files through ICQ or Messenger or downloading any MP3. Cannot establish direct connection is the message that ICQ gives me.

    WHy is this problem and How can it be solved?

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    everything is in the manual it brings but read this

    ok IF you change your ip from 198.......1 to 198..........2 on the address bar for your broswer you must type the NEW IP not the old one in the password field type admin the configure IN THE FIRST PAGE that appears IF YOU USE PPPoE mark it if you use another thing mark it it should be there you have to gonfigure the router to get the ip automaticly and type you user name and password that your ISP gave you on the fields where it says passsword ,user name . thats the basic

    YOU CHOOSE GET IP AUTOMATICLY IF YOU HAVE A DYNAMIC IP ( the one that changes everytime you connect to the inter net most of the DSL use dynamics ips) if not youshould mark static ip but if its static read the manul because you have to do a lot of things

    if that doesnt work go to the properties of your broswer and configure it to get the ip automaticly

    OK the on the routers page go to ADVANCED and go to MAC ADDRESS once there( DO NOT CLOSE THAT WINDOW) click on start (ON WINDOWS BAR) and go to run and type command once that you have typed command type on the winwindows that pops up type ipconfig/all there you WILL see physical address you must fill out the mac address that the router ask you with that info and there you are ready to go you dont need to restart the pc well at least i didnt have to

    NOTE make sure you have connected the cables when you dsl moden and router are off


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    I did all that. Thanks

    I figured it out already. I returned it. The linksys router is NAT and my service provider is SUA.



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