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Thread: HD Transfering

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    HD Transfering

    Just wondering how I can transfer all the data from an older HD in one computer to a newer HD in another computer without networking.
    Is it possible to set the old HD as a slave and connect it to my new HD's IDE cable? Will it detect it problem free? I just worry about that because they both have primary partitions, and I think that would cause some kind of conflict.

    Any help would be appreciated to the max....thanks in advance.
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    Most HD's you get will come with software to allow you to image your main to your new drive.

    Just my 2 cents, I'd save all my critical data ect ect and reformat the new drive then reload it with programs and saved data. That way your starting fresh.

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    If you don't feel like doing a fresh install (which is best) see if you can find a demo of Norton's Ghost .
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