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Thread: @home Cable Modem freezes Router

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    @home Cable Modem freezes Router

    This has puzzled me.
    I have been an @home subscriber (in Eugene, Oregon) for 2.5 years now. Service has been great, (400-500kbit down, 16/uncapped up). Pings stable. I am one of TWO people on the neighborhood node, so "unauthorized servers" are not a problem.

    My cable modem (RCA brand) is connected to a UMax 3300 router, which is connected to an 8 port switch, connecting to a mix of boxes. This has been my configuration since the cable modem was installed, no problems.

    And then the freezing started. One day, I opened up the closet where the cable modem and router are stored, and noticed the cable modem xfer lights were blinking rapidly. I checked all my computers, no servers running, no users. I turned them all off just to be sure (no viruses, either). The xfer lights were still going crazy, yet there were no internal requests for data. My first thought was "someone is spamming my external IP, probably with Code Red." Made sense, but I had no clue why that spamming would crash my router. And that's my problem.

    Every 10-15 minutes, my router (which works perfectly at a friends house) will crash. It is not over heating, and the lights will stay on. Solid, not blinking like they normally do.

    Xfer rates, pings, are all normal. Everything is fine except for the crashing. Someone suggested that my RCA cable modem is infected with a virus, but that seems unlikely. Any help would be great. If you think you know what the problem is, please post and send me an e-mail @


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    Its just crap@home. That is my 1 cent worth. If I gave more
    info maybe it would add up possibly to 2 cents.

    Windoze probs!!!!!!!!
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