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Thread: winXP and Adobe Reader 5.0

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    winXP and Adobe Reader 5.0

    Do any of you get this? not really a problem, but an observation.

    I have Adobe Reader 5.0 installed, to read the PDF files sometimes. Well, I noticed in Add/Remove programs, XP is saying it's taking up 155MB of space. That seems a bit excessive.
    I seem to remember, in Win98, it only took up like 5-10MB at the most.

    The actual .exe file is only 3.9MB in size. The folder the .exe file is in, is only 11MB total.

    why would XP say it's taking up so much space?

    The before and after results of when I have it installed, and when i uninstall it, show only like 10MB decrease, so it's not taking up 155MB luckily, so it's not a big deal really, I'm just wondering why it is misreporting the size like that.

    thanks for your time reading this.

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    mine's 81mb but I have the full ver, writter/reader


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