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Thread: What is a good professional Audio Making/Editing Software?

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    What is a good professional Audio Making/Editing Software?

    I know some of ya'll mix music, and make music and stuff with some good software

    My sound card came with something called Sonic Foundry ACID XPress

    Is this good? or is t here stuff much better?

    basically i need something good to mix music, and to make music with if it's possible

    it would also be cool if it took .wav's and made them into midi's hehe, and if it could take .wavs or something and take the vocals out

    and if it can actually make music so I have templates to mix music wit and stuff

    know what i'm sayin?

    i REALLY want to get into this stuff badly, i have an yearning that's burning!
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    My lunch just slammed into my colon when I read this....
    i REALLY want to get into this stuff badly, i have an yearning that's burning!
    I can hear it j/k

    I use Fruityloops 2 really haven't explored it to much but it's pretty simple to use...
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    Good question Brent
    I was going to ask the same question the other day but forgot until your post.

    Hey EA can you use Fruityloops to make sounds for Flash sounds as well?

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    You could try Sonic Foundry or Cool Edit Pro...

    I use Cool Edit 2000 (not the pro version) with a 4 track plugin. It took a while to learn but does everything I need it for.

    Still, there are quite a few professional sound editing progs out there. Most are probably overkill for just starting out. The learning curve on some of them is huge.

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    I use Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, althought I probably use like 5% of it's options, which is still quite a bit. It's really powerful, but also somewhat complex. Contact me on ICQ


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    I use Soundforge, Cakewalk and Cakewalk Guitar Studio and Fruity Loops 3
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    I use AtomixMP3. But this is more of a virtual DJ to mix music together instead of actually creating new music. I also use Cool Edit Pro.
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