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Thread: sharing external modem over network

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    sharing external modem over network

    I'm looking to add an external modem to my router for fax and data purposes. I am using an SMC 7008br router with 7 computers sharing my dsl connection. I want to add an external modem to the router, using its comm port, so that I can send data and faxes to a specific location from any of the 7 networked computers. Can anyone point me to software that will allow me to access this device over the network. Thanx for any info.

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    That functionality would have to be provided by the router. There would have to be a way to load the drivers for the modem onto the router. Have you checked the documentation?

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    Cyberskye is right. One way to do it is to hook up your modem to one of the comps and run faxserver software on it. Mostly these softwares don't come for free.

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    The routers have a driver library built in for most standard modems that you slap onto it. But I don't think it will work with fax software, as far as I know. The routers are meant as gateways, so it uses broadband with the modem as a backup incase broadband goes down. You program the router to dial up you ISP and be a gateway for your LAN....not really to share any other function of the gateway.

    I'd check the documentation, but so far the broadband routers with a serial port have that for an external modem as backup for the broadband, I haven't seen one that advertises "Oh yeah, fax server too"
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