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    The Last Post

    I was taught early about the sacrifices men make during times of war. I am too young to have been to war and to old to now to be in a war. Yet countless times I have stood as Revelly and the Last Post were blown, for Vets and for service people. I have never taken lightly the importance, meaning and sorrow that those few short notes on a bugle mean. The eerie sound of the post is enough to bring a tear to my eye and sorrow to my heart.
    Picture :
    The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Bugler in the Scarlet Tunic is my Father; he was requested by the Queen to blow the post at the Dieppe War memorial for the 20th anniversary of the Dieppe raids where this photo was taken. It was this man who taught me the sacrifices soldiers make in carrying out their duty.
    I pray that in the months, possibly years to come that this age old tradition is not carried out any more than necessary.
    My heart prays that there is somehow a peaceful solution to what America and Her Allies are about to embark on, but my brain and soul tell me otherwise.
    To all those Young men and Women who are to step to the line to defend our freedom, and yes as a Canadian, I do say our freedom because inevitably we Canadians are affected and tied so closely by what happens Stateside, that they all return home safely.


    PS: Some of the young peeps on the boards have amazed me with their knowledge, Concern and mature level of discussion regarding the tragedy that happened last week.
    Hats off to you
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    Well if you havent already heard the taliban are considering handing over bin laden but they say they want "proof" of his involment.

    Now I think wether or not he planned, funded, or trained anyone he was somehow involved...

    And something also tells me the taliban will get an offer they cant refuse from our goverment if you know what I mean.

    The pakistan have cut them off from basically everything because its well known thats where they get everything from military, food, industry products.. etc

    I think we will see the capture of bin laden soon. highly possible that no war will be fought.



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    when Bin Laden is in our posession, we will not stop there.

    The Taliban knows this and whether they give him up or not, we are coming for them and the rest of the terrirsts and their supporters. That's why they won't give him up.

    Besides, hes the one believed to have planned the assasination of the Taliban's # 1 enemy in Afghanistan, Masood.

    They won't give him up, he just got rid of the enemy's top man.

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