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Thread: Gaming Routers

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    Gaming Routers

    What is the best router for multiplayer gaming? One that does not affect your latency much and you can surf/download/upload fine.

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    Well, kick up past the home market routers and try a Cisco or Netopia, both over 300 bucks...but having installed and worked with almost every router out there...including at home for heavy gaming...none of the home market ones can compare to a SOHO router like these.
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    I just bought a Linksys Etherfast Wireless Access Point + Cable/DSL Router with 4 port switch at CompUsa. Ran me about 250 bucks plus 120 for the PC card for my dads laptop. I think it dose a great job so far. Still lightning fast downloads, low pings and even my dad 2 floors above me is getting great speeds. I would suggest it if you're going to do Wireless networking. Otherwise any other hub or what not from linksys should do just fine IMO. BTW the part number is BEFW11S4 . Hope u find the perfect router for gaming.
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