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Thread: need @home (cable modem) setup help with netgear rt311 router

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    Question need @home (cable modem) setup help with netgear rt311 router

    Hi All,

    Can anyone please post a detailed set of instructions on how to setup the Netgear RT311 router with the @home cable modem internet service? I have the AT&T @home service in the San Francisco Bay Area. Any help would be appreciated.

    If you have a Netgear RT311 could you just post the settings on each screen of the router setup?

    By the way, my router used to work properly when I had set it up for a static IP address with the @home network. But recently it stopped working, so I'm trying to change it to dynamic IP address mode (because AT&T no longer supports static IPs) but I cannot seem to get it to setup properly with @home.


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    Check out this site.
    It's an Austrailian ISP, but it has a full blown RT311, 314 Setup guide !!!!

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    IM me on AIM: DVDphile

    I have RT311 and am on @Home. I live in Milpitas..


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