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Thread: World Trade Centers

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    I think about 9/11 almost every's not something that I want to think about, but you can't help but think about it...just tonight, on TLC, were several programs about the Trade Center and the Pentagon...

    This is something we must not forget, especially in light of the fact that new attacks may be coming:

    I thank God every day for our military, and for having the opportunity to serve my country for 11 years. I know we have others on speedguide here that have served faithfully and honorably, and for that, they have my eternal thanks.
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    I thought this thread deserved a bump, The TWC tragedy happened before I was a member, I have read most of the posts today, Thanks John for reposting this .....

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    Originally posted by John

    Then thank the people serving, and the people who have served in teh past (I would attempt to list but I would be too afraid to miss someone).
    Your welcome John.

    To my brothers and sisters out there that have served and to the ones that are currently serving...Thank you!
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    u ppl are gonna make me crazy i am soooo tired, i thought a plnae crashed into the debris/construction just now!

    i need to goto bed, yes memorial day is time to honor those that protect us! too bad the banks cant honor us all and stay open!


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