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Thread: Intel Video Phone and ADSL

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    Intel Video Phone and ADSL

    I have Intel camera pro pack with Intel video Phone software and D 850 GB motherboard with a Pentium IV 1.7 GHZ, an ADSL connection 256 KBps, and my OS is WME. When I update the motherboard and the processor there is a bug that Intel Video Phone don't detect that I have an ADSL connection. This problem is only with this software. My broadband connection works properly with all the other software. With my old configuration Intel 815EEAL and Pentium III 1 GHZ I haven“t any problem. I would aprecciate if anybody could help me
    Thank“s Raśl

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    Maybe it's your ADSL dialer software. Are you using the same software you used with your older PC to connect with your ADSL line on the new one?
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