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Thread: Linksys Router & Cable Modem Problem

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    Linksys Router & Cable Modem Problem


    I have a Linksys Router (Model # BEFSR41) and the Motorola SB4100 Cable Modem and the Alcatel Speed Touch Home DSL Modem. I currently have two ISPs. Charter Communication out of Miami Beach, Fl. for cable and for DSL. I have had the DSL for a year and a half and had decided to switch to cable as soon as I got the cable working with my system. Here's my challenge: When I use the DSL with or without the Router I get downstream flow of 750 - 950 kbps on average.

    When I use the Cable Modem & the Router I get a maximum of 44kbps downstream. When I use the cable modem without the router I get 600 - 900 kbps downstream. So I need to get the cable modem working at a much faster speed with the router so the rest of my family can share my connection.

    I have win2k, IE 5.5, 8.5 Gig HD, 256 mb Ram.

    I was about to call and cancel my cable today but I will wait and see if I get any resolution from this forum.


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    Run the TCP/IP analyzer and post yer results. Remember to edit out your IP.

    That will give the experts 'round here an idea of whats going on.TCP/IP analyzer
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