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    Unhappy ultima online

    hi there

    are there any tips you could share on tweaking my pc to run ultima online a bit faster
    allthough not graphics are poor it still runs slow on my system

    i have a amd k6 500...geforce32,256 ram , adsl

    i'll not even tell you what i think of the third dawn!!

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    Hi first off I play Ultima Online to.... You need to download uotrace and see what shard u ping the best at Im trying to find the link click uotrace and download it.... Then do a search for the program in ur find files then hit advanced after u are running uotrace then hit ping all shards by the way what shard do u play?

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    i play europa

    i have just had adsl installed and i ping at about 25-30
    but i get packet loss of about 3%, which in pvp is deadly
    it might have something to do with my client i have pII 500 256ram 32megs nvidia
    also i find my sound card is playing up in the game, slowing things down a bit
    any suggestions

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    Do you play Ultima Online: Third Dawn? Personally the game runs really slow even while typing my login name. So i installed renaisanse instead.
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    i wouldnt go near the third dawn. looks ok but its just too slow

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    Stick with uo2d uo3d is messed up if u have over 128 ram and a 64 meg graphics card and cable it runs ok but uo2d is the best i think uo3d was a bad call for osi

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    Re: europa

    It might be alot of people are havin problems with them see awhile back all the uo shards switched to them and it was a bad move... cause they hit bankrupt and osi dont seem to care do a trace rout to ur shard and see if its

    oh and with ur sound card mine does same thing cause i heard it was cause of the sb audio 64v mixer when i turned it off i havent had the problem since

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    Re: europa

    [oh and when u play does ur media keep going up and down to?

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    does anyone know what sort of tweaks i can do for adsl
    what are the optimal setting for online gaming

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    RE:sound problems

    In my experience with soundlab cards, I have learned that if my computer is experiencing problems (packet loss, or just plain crappy) then I go to DirectX properties and change my settings to my sound. Usually I have full acceleration on my sound, but when it comes to Hewlett Packard (god bless em they tried)
    it cant seem to handle a Gforce card along with an X-Gamer sound card. Thus having to go to the big D to change my sound settings. Have they come out with a new Direct-X? It wont matter anyhow until I upgrade, and piece together my own monster..."MUWHAHAHAHA" *ahem*
    anyhoo....this is just an idea for you guys.
    Oh and I also play UO...and most of the time its not your modem..
    its just *(^%^%*($#@@ Ultima Online!

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    Ok first off, you're problem is not your system if you are playing the 2D version. This game was from 97 so a system running at 500mhz should run it just fine. A couple suggestions, use your options menu in game to disable colored lighting and dark nights. Turn off your music (it's horrible MIDI anyways) also if you can stand it disable your sound as well or keep the volume on it really low. Disable full screen and run in 800X600 windowed mode. Also make sure your built in UO chat, translation server and tool tips are turned off. Avoid party mode as well, it seems to kill more connections than "code red".

    System wise follow all the windows tweaks here as well as getting the cablenut adjuster and installing the speedguide generic speedpatch from here. If you can live without it disable ICQ/AIM or whatever message service you use and look into Mirc it's less resource intensive. Remeber the lowest RWIN value you can use that dosn't decrease your speed is always best for online gaming (at least in my experience.)

    For 3D the slow arse login screen is most likley because you are running in the wrong video mode, try 16 bit high color and watch it start moving again.

    If any of you play Great Lakes pop me a line, my ICQ is in my profile and I can try to help you more.


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