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Thread: High ping times through Cable w/ 2 comps.

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    Question High ping times through Cable w/ 2 comps.

    I encounter high ping times when I have 2 computers playing an internet game (unreal Tournament) via my router to cable connection. With 1 computer it runs fine with low ping times <100. But as soon as I get the 2nd computer playing, pings go to
    300-500. Note: it does not matter which comp. connects first.

    To throw even more wierdness in the issue... On the same server, the problem may or may not occur...i.e. 2 comps playing may have high ping times....then later the 2 comps play with low pings 90-130.


    AT&T cable modem service
    Linsys 4 port router/switch
    pc 1: p3 800, win2000
    pc 2: athlon 1.2, dual boot (win2000 and win 98)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!


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    Probably the overhead for determining which pc on your LAN requested the packets that are flying inbound. To be honest, I am very surprised that it works at all. You both have the same public ip, I assume. That would make the translation take that much longer.


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    thanks...but the odd thing is that it sometimes works great. I've been checkin' around the forums...Code red virus at work?


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