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Thread: Question might be for advanced's a hardware question

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    Question Question might be for advanced's a hardware question

    My problem is that i have these gray streaks across my screen and i cannot get them to go away. they appear when i have darker colors on my screen (when my screen is all white, there are no streak lines) The streak lines are appearing on my screen horizontally. They're everywhere! i have adjusted the contrast and brightness and those do not work. and i know that it is something that is wrong in the computer, because i tried another monitor and it did the same thing. might be my video card. And this problem Came up during half-way of reinstalling WindowsME, and this problem just popped up. i reformatted my harddrive 3 times, and it doesnt go away. anyone got any suggestions? THANKS

    Pentium III 800mhz
    VisionTek Geforce2 64mbDDR GTS
    Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer / Cambridge Soundworks 5.1 spkrs
    Windows ME

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    I also have this problem, it is the video card.
    After the fan broke the card (G256) worked flawlessly for some time, but then it decided that it could take it no longer. It is still working though.

    I hope there is a solution, but I don't think any thing can help, except a new card.

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    Ok I need to know a few things. What Drivers are you using? Who made the card? And what are your *complet* system specs? Also try posting in the hardware forum. You'll get faster responses about the stuff over there but untill then reply and I'll help ya
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    I hope you can help, so here you go,
    I use the 3d prophet (G256) using all the drivers you can think of, by the way this problem persists even in DOS so it is not related to windows or drivers.

    The specs are,
    AMD Athlon 700 (not t-bird)
    Soyo K7-VIA Mobo
    256 PC133 RAM
    Western Digital caviar 30 GB HD
    SBLive! Value
    generic 10mbps ethernet card
    LG 52x CD-ROM
    Acer 1208a CD-RW

    Also the card worked flawlessly for more than a year, and more than 3 months without a fan.


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