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Thread: COUNTER-strike FPS????????

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    COUNTER-strike FPS????????

    hey i run
    win 98
    p2 233 mhz
    cable modem

    i play counter-strike and got a nic eping in the 70's but i tried my fps and it was in the 15-20's is that good if not can i make it better?

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    and my screen res. is on
    if i make it smaller like 800x600 the internet size and icosn are huge and it is all messed up.

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    I believe a 15-20 of an fps is ok. I get a fps in the 30s and I barely have any frames missing. I think your fine with what you have. If you want to try to make it better look for my other post that has a program that could help you improve your fps.
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    Something tells me when you are talking about resolution you are talking about desktop res.

    Because you would probably get like 5 or less fps @ that res in CS with that CPU.


    Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card and directX 8...

    Id cntr alt dlt and close extra programs before you run CS.

    Also.. once in go to "config" --> "video options" --> "Video Mode" --> and then switch the mode to OpenGL and make it 640x480 if it isnt already.

    Now you can go to a lower res if you are unsatisfied with fps after..

    try all that and see what happens.




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