I need some video capture software the will capture a video file and automatically upload it to a ftp site. I was using chillcam, but the newer video cards are using DirectShow for video capture and not Video for Windows.

I'm using an ATI All In Wonder card. The older card's drivers were written for VideoForWindows and not DirectShow. Well the computer looks to have gotten hit by lightening. I had to get a new video card and mobo/processor. Now the chillcam software won't recognize the new card as a video capture device. I've tried about 10 different programs and they all must not be compatiable with DirectShow, none of them will see the video card as a capture device.

All I'm looking to do is capture a still picture through the composite input of the video card and then upload that picture to a web site.

Any ideas on how to do this, maybe a different way?