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Thread: Online ordering woes....:(

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    Online ordering woes....:(

    Well, consider this a sequel to my Best Buy bashing thread.

    Here I sit, almost a dozen days after I purchased my Crucial ram. Now I would be enjoying just sitting here, doing nothing. Except for the fact that I don't have my RAM yet.

    Last scan was a city away at 3:16AM August 8, Wednesday. It was the unload scan.

    Good news is that they are cancelling the shipping charge and sending out a stick overnight mail free shipping again as we speak.

    But that isn't even the part that hurts. Oh no no no...

    Now on to the case I ordered from BestBuy online. The Addtronics one for 99$ and free shipping. The one for which I never received an online receipt.

    Now, I kinda got nervous today since I ordered the thing I cant remember how long ago. So I call BestBuy, and am told there is no order in their system.

    The order never happened. And now I have been instructed to call a coporate number that doesn't even work.

    And as if all this wasn't enough, my Mom's CD-ROM drive refuses to read cds all of a sudden. It's as if they aren't in the tray.

    "Please insert the Diablo 2 cdrom." The computer exclaims in the electronic equivalent of a downs syndrome induced snot gurgle.

    So here I sit in the midst of an e-shopping soap opera, as if this computer that I built for my Mom is cursed, which I believe since I recently spent an entire week troubleshooting it.

    So now the CDROM is busted to spite my efforts, the RAM I ordered for it is running a weeeee late, and the case I wanted to put it in, before school went back, is about as much of a reality as a Leprechaun's fart.

    Oh, and I gashed my finger inside the case, because obviously cursed computers like to drink human blood.

    Now I must go hang myself...
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    Try not to get too bummed about stuff that's not under your control.

    Hope everything works out soon for you, at least this way you don't have to pay for shipping, eh?

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    when u come back from hanging urself remember u have a gf and its only a comp!

    just go get a cat and...

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    Did you already make the payment for the best buy case? If the money has already been sent, then it would be a good idea to try and dig up some documentation of your transaction.
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    Hummm..dosn't sound like your week. These things have a way of snowballing also. When it rains it pours.

    Just to be on the safe side, I'd check my supply of Angel Soft. You never know. It could be an even longer week.
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    All that for your mom? Wow, what a guy.
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    Mom loves here Diablo 2

    But on the CDROM front I replaced it and the comp is working fine now.

    I ordered the case again at the Best Buy service center under the supervision of a comp worker whom is my witness to actually purchasing the thing.

    He said if two cases come in the mail, by freak accident, then I can just return one.

    So this may have a happy ending.


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