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Thread: Tweaking Verizon ADSL within Windows XP

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    Question Tweaking Verizon ADSL within Windows XP

    Does anyone know a good place to start as far as tweaking goes? I'm really not sure if the Win2000 regedits will work so I'm a little leary to try them out. Specifically what tools would work the best in XP to get faster d/l speeds? Thanks for the help


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    I run XP and this works, Win2k speed patches for you:
    Click on help page below in signature and follow directions exactly, please leave your OS and system specs if you have not done so.Also if you have Cablenuts adjuster installed I need to know that. On 2nd page of help page at bottom are some Tips and how to do speed test. Thank you and good luck.

    Tweaks for Windows XP

    1.) Turn off System restore and auto updates.
    2.) Use SG's System ini tweak set at 7168, type sysedit in run box, Close out of all boxes except System Ini, put it in 386th Enh, thats where it goes
    3.) Go to control panel, system, advanced tab at top,performance, settings, click on best performance,then advanced tab at top, background services, then programs
    4.) Disable IDE Port Scanning on empty ports and save bootup time.
    Go to System Properties by right-clicking on My Computer or via the Control Panel.
    Select the Hardware tab.
    Look at the Device Manager section and click on the Device Manager button.
    This brings up the Device Manager screen.
    Open up the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers device branch. Then you will see a list of all the IDE controllers

    and channels in your system.
    Now, select any one of the IDE channels, right click and choose Properties. Or just double click on the

    IDE channel.
    Now, select the Advanced Settings tab to get the screen below. As you can see below,

    the second port (Device 1) on the Primary IDE Channel does not any IDE device attached to it.

    Thus, the Device Type is labeled as Auto Detection. In contrast, the first port has a device attached. That's why the Device Type is grayed out.
    To disable IDE device scanning for the second port, click on Auto Detection and you will see

    two choices on the list. Select None.
    Click OK and reboot. Windows 2000 will now refrain from scanning that IDE port at start up and

    should load a little faster
    5.) Use Win 2000- patches for XP
    6.) Yes Cablenuts adjuster works with XP
    7.) This is the neatest, do it and come back to forum,
    Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Appearance and Themes.
    Click the Display icon, click the Appearance tab, and then click Effects.
    Click the Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts check box to select it, and select ClearType from the list.
    Click OK, and then click OK again.


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