Well I can give you some more info. I have a Dell optiplex GXa, it had a 64MB stick that I believe was non-par. And I went to crucial and bought a 128MB stick that was EEC. I can send this stick back and get a non-par stick so I can put my old stick 64MB in aswell and have 192MB rather than just 128MB or 64MB. this was a comment to all who answered a earlier thread about mem. that I placed. the stick as far as I know is working ok and is what I am using right now. the stick is the only change that has been done inside the computer, My printer works fine it is just that when I type-up a letter and go to the print preview I dosn't show-up the same as what I typed. and when I save the document to a file when I go back to it a few days later it is all out of whack like the print preview was when I typed it up to begin with. this started perhaps a moth before I started tweeking, (just before I found this site) I know that I can go to the Dell site and update various drivers and such but I am new to tweeking things and am unsure what it is that needs to be updated, and how to find-out what I have already so the update is compatable. thanks kevinsw ps I am running win98se asfor a word processer, I believe that all that is on this computer is my (word-pad and note-pad) so I am at a loss as to any word processer. please remember that I am a rookie at all this stuff. thanks again kevinsw

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