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Thread: For Those Of You With Blinking Lights On Your Modems

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    For Those Of You With Blinking Lights On Your Modems

    I wanted to share with all of you why this is happeneing.

    I today also noticed that my lights were blinking uncontrollably. I checked my routers log... and found out i was being tried to connect thru port 80 from many various computers.

    Well i finally got tired of it and i contacted my ISP. They said that the sircam worm was causing all this havoc all over the united states. There is no real way to prevent this... Just make sure your port 80 is closed... this is the http port.. so you will not have to worry about this unless you are running an http server.

    I hope this all brings you a piece of mind.. to some extent

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    Yeah, that had me worried earlier today. Thought some of my software might have drug a trojan into my system. Scans later and some snooping, and asking an expert led me to the conclusion that bigger problems were creating this modem activity. Now I have seen the red worm blamed a few times, damn hackers.
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    Yeah mike posted that earlier.....thanks for the headups guys...


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