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Thread: Wirelessly connecting a laptop to an existing wire LAN.

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    Wirelessly connecting a laptop to an existing wire LAN.

    I am getting a laptop which I want to connect to my home network. Currently, my home network is two computers sharing a cable modem using a NetGear Router. Instead of running an ethernet cable through my house to connect to the network I would rather use wireless. I am wondering if there is any way to connect my laptop to my current LAN or should I reserve to the fact that I will have to purchase an entirely new networking setup so that both computers and laptop can all share my cable modem individually (not running ICS and wirelessly connecting my laptop to that system).

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    as far as i know.....

    if you want to connect wireless ur whole network has to be wireless..... but as i said that's as far as i know it...

    maybe someone else has found some hardware that makes it possible
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    It's no problem...

    Your wireless access point will connect to your NetGear. I've set up several home lans for people using LinkSys, SonicWall, and NetGear broadband routers. You can add as many wireless clients to the access point as the hardware allows.

    Keep in mind though, the wireless clients all share the available bandwidth, and the bandwidth also decreases with distance, interference, and obstructions like walls.

    This is usually not an issue with cable or DSL net access, as wireless transfer speeds are still faster than WAN download speeds. But, if you're in need of high speed lan transfers, it will be slower.
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    The wireless access point from D-Link currently has a $50.00
    rebate on it.

    Is saw it for $179.99 at rebate)

    thought you might want to know.


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