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    Hello ... i want to tell you guys .. if you want th best TWEAK . is to FORMAT YOUR drive with windows and Reinstall it .. and then you see good ..
    like me last day i got a Win Me and i upload at 2 - 10 Kb
    i got ADSL
    and now i upload at 35 - 50 Kb .......
    if you do some WRONG tweaks its kill you Adsl OR Cable
    Beleive me ...

    Thanks ...
    NonSlow .

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    Yes you are right but old news, formatting a drive gives you new registry (Not fragmented) so it is faster (Buy a registry defragmentor, it is not the same as disk defragmentor which does not defrag registry, yes yes not all tweaks work the same for everyone, if you see no improvement after putting in, take it out right then to avoid conflicts down the road pl us you may forget

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