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Thread: I'm In A Flamey Mood Tonight!!!!

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    I'm In A Flamey Mood Tonight!!!!

    Hey Peeps, it's been so long since a good East Coast flame that I'm just itchin tonight, but I won't There are 2 guys here that are just sooo pushin my buttons, I wanna flame them so hot that I make their HD's smoke. But I'll be cool, if there's one thing that I've learned from these wonderful MODS is to be patient and keep my cool. I feel kinda weak though, so can I get some SG'rs to help keep me on the right track and not flame the living daylights outta these 2 fools? MODS, I need encouragement, impart on me some words of wisdom so that I may spare the lives of the 2 poor soulds just achin for a toastin?

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    im i one of those 2?

    i need to flame out mouse right now.. but i am handeling it thru PMs


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    Don't do it....

    PM me if you are having a problem...



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